sleepwell&stressless, even in corona-times


Besides the successful on-site trainings, I propose Webinars for companies so “The Power of Sleep©” can still get to you and to your employees, even in times of (or thanks to) confinement!

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Sleepwell & stressless

make quality sleep your winning deal!


Awaken your optimal performance and vitality!


  • You might have managers and employees in your company who do not have quality sleep, who suffer from stress and/or insomnia?
  • You probably want your staff to be optimally performant, coping, creative, healthy and energetic at work?
  • What could be the socio-economic burden of bad sleep and chronic stress on your company?



The SleepWell&StressLess program is specifically designed to offer sustainable solutions, to awaken optimal performance, energy, vitality and sustainable employability through optimising sleep quality and stress management!



Did you know that:

  • At least 1 out of 3 adults do not get the sleep they need!
  • About 80 % of (European) managers suffer from stress; 47 % in overall population
  • Over 85 % of people who are stressed, have sleeping problems
  • 2500 €/employee: the annual cost of lack of sleep 
  • Up to 60 billion €: the annual cost of insomnia for European Companies
  • 11 million working days/year are lost due to stress (UK, 2013)
  • 88 % of the cost of insomnia is payed by companies!


Bad sleep as well as chronic stress cause absenteeism, presenteeism, memory problems, bad decision taking, psycho-emotional problems, fatigue, cerebral and cardio-vascular disease, chronic pain, weight gain and can lead to burnout.


It is time for companies to have concrete and efficient tools to evolve towards sustainable employability!


Dr. Declercq, neurologist and sleep specialist proposes workshops and seminars designed to learn how to actively manage sleep and stress and thus provide tools to create sustainable employability, to optimise vitality and energy, to raise potential, flexibility, alertness, coping and resilience in your company.


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4 Pilars:

  • Acknowledge the vital importance of recuperative sleep for quality living
  • Making participants able and motivated to tackle their sleeping problems and manage their stress  
  • Traveling managers and frequent travellers will be able to Outsmart their Jet Lag©
  • Harmonise the 24-hour functioning and sleep of shift workers



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 Sleeping problems are a widespread fact of human life, and stress makes an inevitable part of everyday living. Both are bidirectionally linked and have a tremendous potential to incapacitate performance and well-being



Rather than neglect or passively undergo their disabling effects, it is necessary to actively manage them, thus creating self-awareness, empowerment, coping, resilience and vitality.


Workshops and seminars of this program are specifically designed for this active sleep- and stress management to awaken optimal performance, energy and well-being