Inge Declercq, MD, Neurologist and Sleep expert


Personal Information


Name: Inge Declercq



Dr. Inge Declercq is a medical doctor, neurologist and sleep specialist with a broad complimentary pack of skills, reflecting her multi-disciplinary competency. She combined medical studies at the KULeuven with a Bachelor in philosophy at the ULBrussels and has build up extensive experience by many years of working in a hospital setting. Furthermore, she is also trained in ICF certified Coaching (Nova Terra Coaching and Training), the Cognitive-Behavioral therapy of Insomnia (CBT-I; Ul Brussels), Chronobiology (our 24-hour biological rhythms), stress-coping techniques.


She is passionate about bringing her expertise to the business world and about guiding people to optimal performance, energy and health through optimising their sleep quality, their Jet lag control and stress-management. This is achieved on macro- and micro- level: "micro-", by her work in UZ Antwerpen and individual sessions, "macro-", by the SleepWell&StressLess program.

The SleepWell&StressLess program proposes on innovative multimodal set of seminars, workshops and individual coaching. The methodology is based on the powerful combination of science-based medical knowledge with coaching, various cognitive-behavioral skills, mindfulness and chronobiology.


All trainings are interactive, dynamic and a lot of attention is given to what you can do during your day to optimise your night.


The purpose is to provide participants with practical and pragmatic tools, tips and tricks to optimise their potential, energy, flexibility, alertness, coping, resilience and overal well-being. Her through line: your "Power of Sleep" is your "Power of Life".


  • Topics: The Power of Sleep©; Outsmart your Jet-lag©; Shift work optimisation; The link between sleep - stress - nutrition - overal day-time functioning; 
  • Profile: Keynote speaker - Workshops - Audits on shift work
  • Languages: English - Dutch - French



Medical Doctor - Neurologist - Certified Sleep expert

Associated MD neurologist at Antwerp University Hospital (UZA)

ICF Certified Coach

University degree in CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioural Treatments of Insomnia)




PhD student@Antwerp University


The 4 pillars of SleepWell&StressLess:

  1. “The Power of Sleep” 
  2. “Outsmart your Jetlag”: take control over your jetlag
  3.  Shiftwork-optimisation
  4. “Make Stress your ally”: efficient stress-management 

Professional experience

  • Since 2018: Sleep Expert ESRS Board Certified
  • Since 2016: MD at SleepWell&StressLess

  • Since 9-2016: University Hospital Antwerp (UZA)  -  Sleep-Wake centre

  • 2010-2015: Sleeplab - Somnology department; Europe Hospitals - Brussels

  • 1999 - 2015: Neurology department; Europe Hospitals - Brussels 

  • 1999 - 2003: Neuropsychiatric expertise centre; Mediter-Brussels  


All trainings are possible in English, Dutch and French