Workshops, webinars and keynotes


  • my skills and competencies as neurologist and sleep expert and on recent academic publications
  • precise scientific information on sleep, circadian rhythms and stress
  • a unique method that combines scientific knowledge, the cognitive-behavioural therapies of insomnia,  mindfulness and relaxation techniques, coaching (ICF certified) and stress-coping techniques.
  • the use of practical tools, exercises and on stimulating motivation to change and apply the tools



  1. Sleep optimisation: Workshops and Wake-Up Seminars (see below)
  2. Stress coping: Workshops and Wake-Up Seminars (see below)
  3. Jet-lag control: Outsmart your Jetlag (see below)
  4. Shift-Work control (see below)


This is brought on a comprehensive and yet fully accessible way, providing practical tools and motivation to actively incorporate what's learned in daily life.

I aim to be scientifically correct as well as understandable.


The program is fully adjustable to your companies needs. 

Below, please find some examples of what I offer, but do contact me to discuss your companies needs and for a personalised offer.

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What you’ll have obtained thanks to the trainings:

  • You’ll understand what happens in your mind and body when you sleep, when you’re stressed, what sleep, being awake and stress do to you, how stress and sleep are related.
  • This knowledge will have given you the opportunity to acknowledge and achieve awareness about your personal situation, to do your personal sleep and/or stress mapping.
  • Finally, thanks to the practical and hands-on tools and expert tips that will be provided, you will be able and be motivated to optimize your sleep quality, your daytime energy and to turn your stress into your ally.






Sleeping in times


of Corona


Based on the same principles as the succesfull training The Power of Sleep©


  • Interactive
  • GDPR compliant platform
  • In English, Dutch or French
  • Practical and easy to apply tools to optimise the power of your sleep and your daytime energy
  • According to your wishes: extra focus on how to cope with anxiety and sleeping problems in corona-times
  • As allways: trustful science translated into pragmatic easy-to-apply knowledge


For anyone who already knows my enthousiasm and positive energy, these webinars will engage the same dynamism!


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Interactive workshop of 1,5 or 2 hours on sleep, Jet lag, circadian rhythms and Jet lag control:

  • Target Audience: frequent travelers, aviation staff...
  • Number of Participants: 15

Combined with individual follow up for personalised Jet lag control program.

  • Objective: Traveling managers and employees are able to actively and efficiently manage their Jet lag and its consequences.

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Seminar the power of Sleep: a wake-up call



This Seminar offers a broad view on sleep from every angle, and offers expert tips and the latest scientific recommendations to achieve the right amount of zzz’s for optimal professional performance, vitality and balance.


It is also ment to wake up latent needs and remove barriers concerning sleep and stress.

  • Target Audience: anyone interested in acquiring valuable knowledge on Sleep, Insomnia and how to handle them.
  • Seminar of 2 hours, including a Question and Answer session.
  • Number of Participants: unlimited 

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WAKE-UP Seminar: bitten by stress?



This seminar takes on stress from every angle and offers expert tips and the latest scientific recommendations to achieve ways to cope and ally with stress for optimal professional performance, vitality and balance.

  • Target Audience: anyone interested in acquiring valuable knowledge on Stress mechanisms and on how to cope with stress.
  • Seminar of 2 hours, including a Question and Answer session.
  • Number of Participants: unlimited

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  • Target Audience: anyone in need for more effective stress management and/or better sleep quality
  • Maximum 15 participants
  • Workshop of 2-4 hours
  • Summary/objectivesAchieve effective sleep- and stressmanagement for optimal and boosted performance, time-management, creativity and well-being.


INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP IN SEVERAL MODULES: (other workshops are available! for more information: contact me)

  • Target Audience: anyone suffering from chronic stress and/or serious sleep deprivation/insomnia
  • Maximum 10 participants
  • Modules 1, 2 and 3, each of 3 hours, are given in 1,5 consecutive days.
  • Module 4 is a consolidation phase of 3 hours, following 2 weeks later.
  • Possibility to follow the Individual program after Module 3 (see below).
  • Summary:
    • Module 1: Achieve basic knowledge
    • Module 2: Active sleep- and stress management - Phase 1
    • Module 3: Active sleep- and stress management - Phase 2
    • Module 4: Consolidation of what was achieved in the previous modules and relapse prevention




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Shift work control

Optimizing shifts and sleep of Shift Workers.

  • Interactive training on healthy sleep, how the cope optimally with shift work, how to shift your biorhythm on a healthy way, how to cope with stress
  • Assessment of sleepiness, sleeping patterns and problems, presence of physical and/or mental health problems and related absenteeism, accidents.
  • Analysis of working conditions and physical characteristics of the workplace in a circadian (24 hours biological functioning) perspective.
  • Assessment of types of shifts and of individual chronotype.
  • Solutions tailored to the type of shift, work-personal balance and the individual chronotype.

This program concentrates on regulating the balance of light exposure, the sleep hormone melatonin, stabilizing and synchronizing the circadian rhythms, stimulating higher levels of activity and hence improving alertness, well-being and sustainable employability


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"I was honored to train Inge as a professional coach at Nova Terra Coach Training. What strikes me the most is her ability to combine a high professionalism as a MD in neurology and her genuine humility, willingness to learn, ability to listen to others (proficiently in three languages) and to help the person finding their best solution for a better health. Inge is impressive as a professional doctor and coach and as a human being. I trust her talent at intervening in corporations to enhance their quality of life and, thus, overall performance."


Sylviane Cannio, Master Certified Coach, Senior Partner Nova Terra.

"For me, shifting 8 to 12 hours from one time zone to another has never been a small feat, in particular when I did it several times during a month for my job.  Jet-lag made me feel weak, tired, disoriented … just awful. But most importantly, it negatively impacted my efficiency, productivity and concentration. As very frequent transatlantic business traveller, I simply could not afford that. Jetlag management coaching was something I was looking for since a long time. Inge explained me that it this a complex process that you can perfectly manage through a combination of many different things (e.g., sleep, food, temperature, body rhythm,  light, travel direction, etc). She analyzed my personal situation and helped me  to develop my personal jet-lag strategy tailored to my own situation.  Recovery now goes much quicker. Amazing. “  


Vice-President Legal Affairs Otis EMEA

"I attended Inge’s workshop at Betacowork about Powerful Sleep and Powerful Performance. I found it really interesting and even more useful. Inge gave us practical tips on how to improve our quality of sleep and on how we can change our habits (that’s the hard part!!). Inge is really professional and ready to help you to improve your sleeping time."


Sara Magnabosco